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Just little bit south of Cancun you will reach the new hot spots of all Mexico. Its about magical less crowded spaces, conserving almost untouched natural  beauty of the area, yet offering a new era of architecture that merge with the surrounding. Dont hesitate and discover by yourself what is all about Tulum

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tulum archaeological site

Set on a small cliff with a  spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea. First Mayan city spotted by the Spanish in the 15th century. Tulum (which means “fortified wall” in Maya) was once an important center for the cult of the “descending god”. Explore the ruins and descend to the beach for nice swim!




Merging with the jungle and inside in one of the most luxurious and eco friendly hotels, we can find Ik Lab art Gallery, with an unique, modern and visionary architecture that reflects the Yucatan abundant nature and rich spiritual heritage.



Just few minutes south of Tulum, you will reach this hidden gem within the Tulum jungle.  A fantastic lagoon with a cenote in the middle of it, thats the reason why you see a remarkable change in the blue color of the lagoon.



For those fitness lovers, you can not miss the chance to train in in front of the caribbean sea. This is one of a lifetime experience. Jungle Gym have gained world wide fame due its unique natural atmosphere in the middle of the jungle and beach


The Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve

The largest protected area in the Mexican Caribbean and occupies approximately 650 thousand hectares along 120 kilometers from North to South, between the municipalities of Tulum and Felipe Carrillo Puerto. It includes beaches, dunes, cenotes, coral reefs and a tropical jungle, where more than 300 species of birds and more than 1000 of plants and 100 of animals live. Sian ka’an means “where the sky is born” in Mayan and was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1987

The Chunyaxche canal constitutes an access by water to the reserve of Sian Kaán; In the tour by boat, in the winding canals that run through mangroves, you can admire hundreds of birds, ruins, surrounded by water, marshes, coastal lagoons, high pastures and unique petenes

Time to explore the Mayan World

Inmmerse in the fascinating mayan culture with us. Our goal is approach both the ancient and current mayan culture to our community


Chichen Itza

Coming to México Yucatán and dont visit Chichen Itza, its like going to Egypt and skip Giza pyramid, so important is Chichen Itza, the most iconic mayan archeological site (something difficult to say having another impressive mayan sites like Uxmal, Palenque, Tikal).


Understanding Chichen Itza is understanding how advance the mayan culture was. Chichen Itza was built having the stars alignment in mind, that help them to define the season to cultivate their land. Their buildings work as giant sundials, with special events happening in the equinox (spoiler alert: The edge of the pyramid cast a shadow with the shape of a the giant snake God).

Chichen Itza has hundred of secrets, some of them we know about and will amaze you, other ones, remains a mystery.

Art meets History as you sit enthralled and the History Of The Maya is projected onto the main pyramid in the Kukulkan Nights Show. An exceptional way to see Chichén Itzá in a new light most tourists don’t get a chance to see in tour groups. Just sit back and be entertained. Will be one of the highlights of your trip.


mayan city

Inmerse in this Old big Mayan City, only few archeological site allow you to climb the pyramids. Reach the top and have the perfect view from the mayan world

Enter the Xibalba

Cenotes come up from the ground amongst the abundant vegetation creating a unique ecosystem; besides being a disctintive characteristics of the natural landscape, cenotes are an integral part of the history and traditions of the Mayan people, wrapped up in myths and legends. They believed that the sinkholes represented a passage to the underworld – or ‘Xibalba’ in Mayan language. The Mayans believed that Xibalba was the place where the spirits of their gods lived and roamed free


cenote escondido

The Cenote Escondido is a lost paradise in the jungle, completely surrounded by nature, it is a privilege to cool off in its fresh and crystalline waters, ideal for swimming and diving. Famous for snorkeling and diving. They have clear waters and are surrounded by jungle




It is an open cenote completely surrounded by nature, as its name says its crystal clear waters protect inside a world that you can not miss. Because it is surrounded by trees, visitors place hammocks to rest, admire its landscape, listen to the song of the birds, look at the iguanas that live nearby, while their companions refresh themselves and enjoy their refreshing waters.



This wonderful cenote is one of the most famous in the area. The large cenote has a cave system that can be explored by snorkeling without the need to dive. Swim through both: caves and open spaces.



This interconnected cenote system truly represents nature´s generosity. Its semi-open cenotes are ideal for scuba diving or snnorkeling with the help of experts guides. 



Rightly named due its crystalline water. Its low-impact infrastructure frames its naturl beauty. Jump in from a small rock overhang!


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